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Wyoming – Trout


Senyo overlook North Fork PowderThe area of Wyoming that we love to fish is the very definition of no-man’s land, between and around the towns of Sheridan, Kay-Cee, and Buffalo. It is here in these red hills and canyons that the infamous Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid made their escape from deputy marshals and local law enforcement after repeated robberies of the town’s local banks and businesses. Just by looking at the terrain, one can visualize their flight through the countryside and understand why they were so successful at getting away. If you’re anything like us, you will find yourself wondering how much gold, money, and treasure have been lost forever under the red rock and sand. The thought of casting dry flies to rising Brown Trout in the shadow of the Sundance Kid still haunts us long after we’ve left these waters and we are sure you will feel the same!


The rivers and streams run through vast parcels of ranch land, grassy plains, foothills and small canyons. The majority of the streams range from 20 to 40 feet across, and are consistently 3 to 6 feet in depth. Almost every section of the stream has habitat suitable for trout to feel safe and to grow large.The riverbanks here are undercut for miles, and consist of high grass, hay, sagebrush,McCrae Fishing the willows and small willow trees. The bottom of the river creates a natural camouflage of golden brown and tan rock. Every bend in the stream is littered with layers of woody debris. Aside from a few fence posts, old storage buildings and grazing cattle, there is no sign of human interference along the river. When a person fishes here it is easy to feel as if you are the first and only angler to have visited, even though nothing could be further from the truth. The watershed and the surrounding lands are fertile and provide an insect haven. It’s hard to take a step without kicking up hundreds of grasshoppers. Yellow Sallys, mayflies and caddis flutter across the river every day. The trees buzz with the sound of cicadas. Ants, beetles and damselflies cling, crawl and fly about. The water is nutrient-rich and runs cold, constantly fed by the snow pack from nearby mountain ranges. A visitor here can be truly inspired by what God has created.


mikefish2As for the trout, the majority of the fish are Browns, with a few very nice Rainbow and Cuttbow hybrids in the mix. The Brown Trout range from 12 to 24 inches in length, and bigger fish knocking on the 30-inch mark can be spotted each day while you’re fishing. You could come here and fish however you like. If you like to strip streamers, small rainbow trout and sculpin imitations are very successful. We had absolutely no problem catching numerous trout with nymph rigs, or just by trailing a Copper John as a dropper off a dry fly.


On a recent trip, I can remember making my way upstream to a nice pool formed by a bend in the river. I watched a grasshopper jump off the high grass, fly across the stream and fall short of the far bank. It landed with a splash at the edge of the pool and fluttered desperately to free itself. It struggled only for a moment when a large brown burst through surface like a great white shark slamming a seal. It was but two casts later that the same fish took my dry fly, and I got to see the pool erupt for a second time. The truth is the trout were always looking up, and were more than willing to take big bushy dry flies. The visual experience of a large brown tracking a Chubby Chernobyl, and gulping the fly down from behind, made it almost impossible tomikefish6high want to try anything else.


The Wyoming experience can quench the strongest trout obsessions and further strengthen your passion for the sport!  If you are interested in learning more about our Wyoming trips, use the convenient form located below.  Upon inquiry, we will provide further details that you may need in order to make the trip with us.  We hope to see you on clear water surrounded by red rock canyons soon!


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